Shinfield Studios


Shinfield Studios currently has 4 workshops – ranging from 4,000 sq ft to 14,800 sq ft and can cater for any size of film or TV production.

More workshops are currently being built in Phase 2 of the site.

These are all multi functional workshop spaces, all conveniently located close to the stages and purpose built for Film and TV production.

They can accommodate plastering, carpentry, SFX, props, poly sculpturing, paint or steel work, action vehicles, armoury, greens, CFX, costume and wardrobe, crowd, drapes, electrical, fibre glass, foam, prosthetics, SFX, spraying and transport.

Workshop 1

Totals 10,700 sq ft and is situated in front of stages 15 and 16. It consists of 2 separate units.

1A – 4,036 sq ft

1B – 6,727 sq ft.

Working heights of 20 ft.

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Workshop 2

Totals 20,100 sq ft and is situated behind stages 17 and 18 and adjacent to Workshop 2. It consists of 3 separate units.

2A – 4,036 sq ft

2B – 6,727 sq ft

2C – 9,418 sq ft.

Working heights of 20 ft.

Workshop 3

Totals 20,100 sq ft and is situated behind stages 17 and 18 and adjacent to Workshop 2. It consists of 3 separate units.

3A – 4,036 sq ft

3B – 6,727 sq ft

3C – 9,418 sq ft

Working heights of 20 ft.

Workshop 4

Totals 14,800 sq ft and is situated close to the Gateway Building adjacent to the Phase 2 build. It is one large, purpose built, multi-functional workshop, with working height of 20 ft.


Shinfield has 4 newly built sound stages with another 14 in development.  All our stages are built with film and tv production needs in mind – large, flexible spaces with excellent height and lighting gantrys and all the equipment you would expect in newly created stages.  Our stages are all close to new workshops too.

Latest News

Shinfield Studios marks phase two of construction

Shinfield Studios, which currently has 4 stages and workshops open and occupied, continue with construction of Phase 2 of their site. 5 new stages, workshops and offices will be opening in Q1 2023 with Phase 3 set to be completed by the end of Q2 2023 – adding a further 4 stages and associated facilities.

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Shinfield Studios receives full planning permission for major new film and TV studio complex.

Shinfield Studios, part of Blackhall Global Partners, has received full planning permission from Wokingham Borough Council to begin construction on a state-of-the-art studio facility, which will comprise 18 sound stages. Disney confirmed as first client.

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University of Reading’s ‘Cine Valley’ will support students, local jobs and UK growth

Shinfield Studios are proud to be a part of the ‘Cine Valley’ project, a new film and TV production hub in Shinfield, Berkshire, which will provide sustainable growth and help Britain’s fast-growing creative industries.

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